No News

Well I thought I should write a quick post since I haven’t posted for awhile – not much has been going on in the land of IF. Just waiting for CD 3 to do my blood work and then my endometrial biopsy at the end of my next cycle. Time definitely feels like it’s standing still right now, although I must say, part of me is really nervous to get going with this next IVF cycle. I’m hopeful, yet know from experience how unpredictable the outcome of all of this can be. I’m trying to stay as positive as I can, but it’s a little tough after two failed fresh and two failed frozen IVF cycles. Plus, I’m not really an optimist by nature. Trust me – I wish I was but it’s just not in my DNA.

I have an appointment this week with a new acupuncturist, so we’ll see how that goes. I had a great one in the city I did my last IVF cycle in but he’s too far away. I have gone to one in my own city in the past and she was really nice but I wasn’t 100% happy, so figured I’d try someone new.

Other than that, not much else to report on. Should be doing my CD 3 blood work next week if AF shows up on time – lately she’s been rearing her ugly head at the late end of normal for me, so we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “No News

  1. The waiting is hard, but it's such a part of the process hey? I know a great lady for IVF acupuncture that I go to at the university clinic. She's awesome. Email me if you'd like her info. good luck with the CD3s!!

  2. It is hard to stay positive after a few failed IVF cycles, I can totally relate. I keep telling myself that this time is different, we are at CCRM now and our chances are way better. I'm very hopeful for you Jen. This has to be it for us 🙂

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