More good news!

Talked to our nurse at CC.RM this morning. K’s DNA Fragmentation came in at 10% (anything less than 15% is normal) and my AMH came in at 2.0. Annie, our nurse, said both were great so that’s good news!

Still waiting for my Fragile X, CF and SMA results. K didn’t get tested for CF or SMA because Annie said there was no need unless mine came back positive. She said the diseases could only present in any children we have if both of us were carriers, so hopefully mine will come back negative and then we don’t need to worry about K.

Everything’s coming together with the testing – now we just have to wait for my CD 3 blood work next month and my biopsy.


6 thoughts on “More good news!

  1. So far so good! Sweet AMH. Mine was 1.0 so you'll get lots of eggs. Good luck with all the genetic testing. One of mine came back positive and it complicated things further to get S tested but it can be done. Even from where we live!

  2. Just wanted to pop in and drop you a line. Hopefully I'll be able to come by a little more often and follow your journey to success. Keep up the good work and the great test

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