Beta-3 Integrin Test

Oh…I knew this was going to be tricky to try and get done here.

I phoned my OBGYN yesterday to see if this was something she’d be able to do for me. Her receptionist called me back this morning and I’m a little nervous as I don’t really get the feeling they are familiar with this particular test.

I explained to her that I would order the test kit from a lab in the US and then all the doctor here would have to do is perform an endometrial biopsy 9-11 days after my LH surge is detected. The specimen would then be sent to the lab in the US for processing.

The receptionist said she would talk to the doctor again today and let me know whether or not she can do this.

I don’t know much about this test or how common it is, so if anyone has any insight I’d be happy to hear from you.

I’m wondering if maybe I should just contact my former RE to see if she can do it? Maybe it’s a more specialized test that an OBGYN doesn’t usually perform? Only problem is my former RE is 2.5 hours away – but I guess that’s not really a big deal.

I don’t know – I guess I’ll wait and see what my OBGYN says first.


3 thoughts on “Beta-3 Integrin Test

  1. Hi Jen. Sktoon may be as clueless as they are here, but worth a phone call. If they are sending you a kit for it, it might be worth a trip to the office to leave the kit with the doc so she can look over it. They would do the same thing up north probably, just might be more familiar with it. Good luck!!

  2. Maybe you can offer to fax over the instructions to your OBGYN, maybe the name of the test doesn't sound familiar to them but once they see what they have to do they might realize it's not a big deal. Did you get the instruction sheet from your nurse. If not let me know, I can e-mail it to you.

  3. Glad to hear your ODWU was a good experience! I'm guessing your OB/GYN office does not do many, if any, beta 3 integrin tests, but if they can read directions that come with the kit, it shouldn't be a problem. It's just like a mini endometrial biopsy. Of course, if they don't feel like they know what they're doing, you might be better off having your RE do it! Sorry, that's not much help, is it!Good luck with everything!

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