Sorry about the delay in posting about my One Day Work Up. We were exhausted Thursday evening after the full day of activities and testing, and then yesterday was our travel day home, which ended up with a delay on our stop-over so we were an hour and a half late and exhausted when we finally arrived.

Everything went really well at CC.RM. We were really impressed with the clinic and all of the staff. It’s so professional and efficient. 

We started off the day with the orientation and then met with the business office to discuss costs, etc. Next was my ultrasound which revealed great blood flow and a good resting follicle count.

Next, was my hysteroscopy which went well too – everything looked great according to Dr. M.

The rest of the day was filled with blood tests, K’s tests and meeting with Dr. M and our nurse, Annie.

Dr. M seemed to be very optimistic about everything and thinks we have a good shot. Of course, we don’t have all of the results back yet from our blood work – we should hear more about that next week but so far so good.

I have to call Monday and make an appointment with my local doctor to write me a requisition to do my Day 3 blood work for next month to check my LH, FSH, E2 and AMH. I thought I’d have to do a clomid challenge test but Dr. M said I didn’t need to. I also need to get a few other tests done here (thyroid etc.). 

Oh and I need to call and see if my OBGYN will do a Beta-3 Integrin test for me – I hope I don’t run into any problems getting it done here. If she can’t do it, I’ll contact my former RE and see if she can do it for me. I hope I can get it done without too much trouble!

Dr. M said if all goes well with the remaining tests and results, she thinks we’ll be able to cycle as early as May which is great! So…that’s about all I know for now!

I have to say the whole experience was really good. CC.RM was great, loved Dr. M, met some really nice people in between appointments, the hotel was great and the Denver area was awesome – overall, feeling pretty good about things so far!


4 thoughts on “ODWU

  1. All really good news.! Hey weird…they did my AMH there! Did you get a shipping kit sent for your D3? Make sure you set it all up with a lab ahead of time! So exciting! Call me anytime

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome! The next two months will be busy running around and coordinating all the testing but you will get through it…hang tight! May will be here before you know it!

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