Spoke too soon!

Well…apparently running and I no longer mix! I was feeling really good…until yesterday when my back revolted and I could barely move, so I guess this means I may not be able to run again.

This is about the third or fourth time I’ve tried to start running again since my surgery two years ago and each time it has ended up in pain. I keep hoping that eventually it will work, but no such luck.

Very disappointing, as it was one form of exercise that I actually enjoyed somewhat and saw results from, but my back just isn’t the same as it was pre-herniated disc, so I guess I need to respect that.

So…walking it is…sigh!


3 thoughts on “Spoke too soon!

  1. Thanks for the advice ladies! And Lisa…yes, please let me know how your appointment goes in April – I'm curious what they will say given your back history.

  2. Running is a hard sport. It either injures you or keeps the injuries you have. It's very unforgiving. I feel the same way. Knees are my problem….solution was….getting a treadmill and climbing with weights. Pump up your walks with small weights in your hands….don't be discouraged …walking is better for you anyways. Good luck in your gear up for Denver!

  3. Ugh…so sorry Jen! My favs include using the stair climber at a gym. Although I can run but my back surgery was 17 years ago when I was 15 so perhaps age was on my side for an uneventful recovery. My back acts up when I don't do anything. OH and I have my anastesiologist (sp?) with regard to epidural consult in April…I'll keep you posted.

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