Holy Moly!

Well, a lot has happened in the past few days.

We had our phone consult with Dr. Min.jarez Thursday evening which went great. Wow – she is such a nice person and so easy to talk to – I’m really happy we went with her.

The consult was good – she asked a ton of questions. Here are the highlights:

She was quite concerned with my vegetarian diet (I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 20 years). She said it was critical that I get enough protein and that I needed at least 30 grams per day. She asked me to start tracking my intake and asked if I would consider eating fish at least once per week. So, we’ll see how this goes. It’s not ideal but I’m also willing to do whatever I need to to make this happen.

We talked about our last two IVF cycles and what went wrong. Basically, even though the last cycle was a total disaster, she was still optimistic based on how good our first cycle had been. She didn’t seem to think it was necessarily an egg issue. She asked if K had had a DNA fragmentation test before, which he hasn’t. She then went on to explain how this can cause high rates of abnormal fertilization. She also felt there was some room for improvement in my previous stimulation protocols.

She also wants me to have a Beta-3 integrin test. Apparently, this will be done here and the results sent to CC.RM. Anyone, know anything about this? She said they would give me the kit when I’m down there. I hope I don’t have trouble getting this test done locally – I think she said it needs to be done by an OBGYN?

Oh, and I talked to her about the cramping and bloating that’s been plaguing me mid-cycle to the onset of AF since my failed IVF cycles and she felt that I may have some endometreosis. She said that there was really no reason to do a laparascopy to remove it in terms of helping to achieve pregnancy – the only thing the laparascopy would help is the pain – which I can tolerate.

So, basically, that’s the consult in a nutshell. She was definitely optimistic and we felt good after our conversation.

The next day, the nurse phoned to discuss booking the work up, and low and behold, it’s booked in less than two weeks – holy crap! It was a little tricky to book, just because my cycles are regular but not to the day. They range anywhere between 26 and 30 days, so we had to find the safe range – hopefully we hit it!

I spent most of yesterday frantically trying to arrange flights for K and I. Thankfully, the gods were smiling down on us, and we managed to get Aero.plan flights to and from, so we saved a LOT of money which was very nice!

So…that’s it  for now folks. If anyone has any hotel or transportation advice, I’d love to hear from you!

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8 thoughts on “Holy Moly!

  1. Hi, I just found your blog and read that you are a vegetarian. I've been a vegetarian for 20 years also and I have no problem producing good eggs. I have a lot of friends that are vegetarians and have been during all their lives and it hasn't affected their fertility at all, I just thought I'd share. I'm also going to CCRM, just got my CCS results and waiting for FET. If you want to have some peace of mind in regards to the protein, 1 whey protein shake a day will do the trick. I wish you all the luck in the world!

  2. Oh wait. I just realized I booked at the Hampton In this AM, not Homewood. I haven't heard from anyone with personal experience with this hotel yet so can't recommend it but it is a Hilton hotel so I'm hoping it'll be clean etc. It too has kitchen and daily complimentary breakfast bar.

  3. Thanks for your post on my blog. And congratulations on getting started with CCRM! If you want to stay at Homewood you may try booking on their website. I booked there this AM before I got your message on my blog. The rates were a bit high (but still under $100 per night) using my AAA rate. My DH is going to call today to see if there's a medical CCRM rate to get further discounts. Anyway, I mention it as a possible way to claim a room there ASAP and then maybe call to follow up on a better rate.Hope all goes well with your ODWU! We learned so much from ours based on all the tests CCRM does that our local RE doesn't. I'll be following your blog to hear how it goes.

  4. Hey Jen!! I was thinking of you on the 10th!! Glad to hear you got some answers and that there is hope and that you're on your way there!! Don't know about the beta3 inegrin…..google? I stayed at the Staybridge Inn and Suites on Park Meadow drive. Make sure you get a list of hotels from CCRM, because they have negotiated rates for CCRM patients and have shuttles. I prefer that one because you can get a suite there. Not necessary for a work up night, but for 10 days there, i want that. They also have breakfast and dinner and drinks just like the Hilton. They do not have an airport shuttle but you can order a shuttle ahead of time for $20. Ask the hotel the name of it when you book. I did not order a shuttle back because they need three hours before your flight. A town car was $90. So renting a car might be a thought. All the best with your plans…call me or email me for anything anytime!!

  5. Thanks for the advice Lisa! Ahhh…I just checked their website and it says that they're closed until further notice due to a ruptured pipe – darn! Looks like we'll have to try somewhere else – I'll check out some of the other accommodations they suggested.

  6. Wowza!!! This is super awesome that you hit it off with Dr. M…I've heard she's super friendly. Ah…I am just so incredibly hopeful for you and K. You are in very good hands! And for the hotel…I HIGHLY recommend staying at the Homewood Suites by Hilton DTC (means Denver Tech Center). The hotel offers free hot breakfast 7 days a week plus complimentary dinner with free beer and wine four nights a week (Mon – Thursday). Their CCRM rate is $89 US. Its a very new hotel. They do have airport shuttle service (which is 40 mins away) and I am quite certain shuttle service to CCRM which is like 5 minutes away. Plus its within 2 minutes from a very nice shopping mall called Park Meadows Mall (?). Lots of place to eat around the hotel but would require to drive…not really within walking distance. But there are lots of awesome restaurants that deliver too if you decide not to eat there for supper. We always rented a car online Hotwire or Priceline. When you go there for the actual cycle you will want to rent a car with GPS…Denver area is beautiful particularly Pike Peaks region south of Denver. Never made it to Boulder north of Denver (I think my directions are right). Anyway…just awesome. Sooo glad the ball is rollin' for ya! Keep us posted…

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