Feeling blue

It’s been kind of a gross week. Sickly household and today AF arrived…lovely.

I know the likelihood of me getting pregnant on my own is not great, but each month there’s always that little glimmer of hope especially since we have no idea why we aren’t getting pregnant in the first place. I think if we actually had a diagnosis, it would be a tiny bit easier.

So every month it’s the same thing…I wonder…could I…maybe…and then my hopes are quickly dashed when those all too familiar AF symptoms arrive, at which point I quickly scold myself for thinking the impossible could ever happen.

I decided this month, however, to give myself a break and that it was OK to be hopeful. After all, if I didn’t have any hope left, what would be the point of even pursuing further IF treatment?

So I’ve decided that I will try and be a bit more gentle with myself and just let my mind feel what it needs to feel to get me through this crazy ride. 


2 thoughts on “Feeling blue

  1. Hey…it's never easy. I know we have zero chance of getting pregnant but I too still wonder about a miracle every month. I think we all do to some extent. dont't beat yourself up….and hey….we all have heard the stories…it does happen. So we dream. We've all had to learn to look forward to trying for a baby in a radically unconventional way….but as long as one gets here right?

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