I did it…finally!

Well, I finally made the call to CC.RM today to set up my initial phone consult. It was a bit of a nerve-wracking experience, only because I am the most indecisive person alive!

When I first called, the receptionist asked me which of the four doctors I would like to meet with – what? I’m a Canadian, we are not used to choosing our health care practitioners!! I had no idea how to answer and so she suggested reviewing their online bios and deciding from there.

Well, I narrowed it down to two and when I called back one of the doctors wasn’t available until mid-April, the other March 10th – so that made my decision much easier. Dr. Min.jarez it is!

While we were on the phone, the receptionist checked and my lovely former RE had already sent them a referral and all of our medical records – have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate my former clinic – wonderfully caring people!

So there you have it folks. Another adventure begins! 


3 thoughts on “I did it…finally!

  1. Awesome Jen!! I can't wait to follow along! Its going to be alot of work coordinating care between CCRM and your local doctor/health team but not impossible. Just stay organized and you'll do just fine. And that is GREAT that you have documentation from your CDN RE authorizing your referral to CCRM. If you can, ask your RE to give you a copy of the referral letter authorizing IVF with CCRM. It will take Canada Revenue Agency off your back come tax time next year!

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