Scramps & Bloating – Good Times!

I’ve had regular cycles since my failed IVF in December – meaning that AF has come on time. What hasn’t been so regular are the cramps and bloating. This happened after my failed May cycle as well. Can’t remember how long it lasted? 

I seem to start cramping mid-cycle, around ovulation, right up until AF – like major AF cramps. And the bloating – wow! I’m not sure why this happens? It’s literally a pain though – two weeks of PMS?? Not fun!

Hopefully it regulates itself soon. I guess this is really only the second cycle after IVF, so maybe things are just getting rebalanced – I hope so!!


3 thoughts on “Scramps & Bloating – Good Times!

  1. hey jen – i always have bloating the 1st few days of AF but nothing really before. i've never experienced bad cramping the way you are describing so i guess i have nothing to offer there. i do agree with iveta said – take care of your body and hopefully it will take of you! i'm not one for taking wheat grass or any other erbs – but i do agree with exercise and diet 100% – and i believe that with those 2 changes that could make the difference in a cycle – i'm no dr. but that's just what i believe.Lea

  2. hey Jen…bummer about your AF. yikes. yet's get normal again soon!! hey I love your background. I can't find cool backgrounds like this on mine. Anyways, as for your previous post, please please please take it easy. It is important to optimize your egg quality but not at the cost of losing your mind. There really isn't that much science to it, and there are only a handful of thing you can do to improve the quality of your eggs dramatically, and millions of things you can do to change the quality of your eggs minimally. I've done lots of reading too, and did ask my doc at CCRM about it all as well. What I'm doing is what she recommende. 50mg of DHEA, wheatgrass, CoEnzymeQ10, caffeine and alcohol at an absolute minimum to none if you can do it. She didn't say anythign about melatonin but there are good studies about it and egg quality. Same with Royal Jelly. As for diet – common sense. Stay away from things that cause toxins like process foods and some meat, minimize sugar and maximze antioxidants with tonnes of dark fruit and veggies. What I take is on my blog. Exercise – common sense. Healthy body means healthy eggs. There is a trick to getting DHEA in Sask – give me a call about that. Look at the studies done and make up your own mind. I could not stay on it…I was a very rare case who got uncommon side effects and didn't like them – that's why it's not on my blog anymore. But that's rare. It's worth a try to get on it, three months before your next cycle. Also, join a the forum and run a thread to see what girls have taken or done and what's actually made a differece from one cycle to another. You'll get lots of responses. Take it easy!! iveta – littlediiorios

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